A summary of our organization's mission involves developing a more

progressive thinking, African-American community through an atmosphere of innovative strategies, physical activity, and family-fun!

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The Strategy

Our Strategy for the Participants of any Juneteenth Event or Fundraiser We Host is: 

-Community participation through our Juneteenth educational media, Juneteenth competitive sports activities, and Visual/Multi-Media Arts for African Americans and other participating minority groups. 

-To Spotlight Professionally prepared, healthy whole-food cuisines, while promoting personal improvement, mental health & physical wellness.

-COVID-19 vaccinations, in conjunction with the Southeastern Public Health District, to increase the number of underserved African American citizens being vaccinated and educated.
-HIV testing and awareness, in conjunction with the Alabama Department of Public Health, for African Americans to obtain information and decrease the elevated number of infections in Houston County.

-To continue the civil justice challenge for equal access to public roads/highways for the Juneteenth Parade in Dothan, AL
-To create win-wins for our communities by bringing discovered and undiscovered talent to Dothan, AL! 

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A brief yet important explanation.

Two years after Abraham Lincoln declared the end of slavery with the Emancipation Proclamation  (January 1, 1863) African Americans in Galveston, Texas were still in slavery. It was not until June 19, 1865, that African Americans in Texas finally learned that slavery had been abolished ...they began to celebrate with prayer, song, dance, and feasting.

Today, this moment in history is celebrated and used as a symbolic representation of what took place across the United States of America as slaves continued to learn of the freedom . Juneteenth is an opportunity for all Americans to celebrate liberation of oppressed cultures and the awakening of oppressed minds.

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The Juneteenth Community 

TSE Juneteenth Affairs ribbon-cutting ceremony. Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce and TSE Officers & the Juneteenth Community enjoyed fellowship on August 10, 2022. 

Officers of TSE Juneteenth Affairs receiving Juneteenth Proclamation issued from Congressman Barry Moore's Office and Mayor Mark Saliba.


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